GPO Box 503E Hobart TAS 7001

Regional Council Climate Adaption Project

The Regional Council Climate Adaption Project (RCCAP) was a pilot project which aimed to improve the capability and resilience of Tasmanian councils to manage and identify risks based on climate change science, modelling and geospatial data.

The Tasmanian Climate Change Office and the Local Government of Tasmania were project partners and key stakeholders in the delivery of the project to the North and Cradle Coast regions of Tasmania.

Through the RCCAP each of the councils developed adaptation plans specific to their individual corporate and community needs. The plans allowed all Tasmanian councils to implement a regional response to climate change which was consistent, cooperative, relevant and strategic.

The project piloted a new methodology based on four themes of land use: urban, peri urban, rural and natural areas.

Key outputs of the project were:

  • Council (Corporate) Climate Adaptation Plans for the 12 southern councils.
  • Climate Adaptation Toolkit for review of Councils Adaptation Plans and extension to Cradle Coast and Northern Councils

The program was funded under the ‘Local Governments Reform Funding,’ from the Australian Government Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government with a financial contribution by the City of Hobart. The STCA managed and delivered RCCAP, from February 2011 to February 2012, across the 12 councils of southern Tasmania.