Overview and Rationale

The Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority is the management body for the Southern Tasmanian Regional Planning Project (STRPP), which commences in late February 2009.

This initiative is the result of an agreement between the State Government, the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority, (the STCA), and the 12 southern Tasmanian Councils and aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A comprehensive regional land use strategy for the region.
  • An infrastructure investment strategy for the region.
  • The development of coordinated, consistent and contemporary planning schemes for all councils involved, based on the common strategy.

This important initiative that will greatly assist all those who interact with the planning system and will determine the way the Southern region develops over the next 20 years and beyond.

It will fill a void in the current Tasmanian planning system, as regional strategic land use planning has largely been absent from the system in the past. This has resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent approach to development and increased compliance costs for developers.

It has also created an unnecessarily confusing system, as far the community is concerned.

The benefits that can be garnered from a commonly agreed vision and resultant strategies have also not been accrued in the past, and this has been to the collective detriment of the region.

Through taking a broader view the relative strengths of individual Council areas will be able to be more readily discerned.

Furthermore, the need for a coordinated regional approach is likely to only increase in the future as larger global forces, such peak oil, climate change and economic recession, begin to reshape the way towns and cities grow and redevelop.

The project is being funded by the State Government and mirrors other projects in the north and northwest.

Impact on Existing Local Strategies:

The work will build on, and strengthen, many local strategies that have been developed by individual Councils with their communities over the years as it is envisaged that most will not be inconsistent with broader regional directions identified though the project.

Similarly, a number of sub-regional strategic planning initiatives currently being undertaken by smaller groupings of Councils to the north of metropolitan Hobart and on the East Coast will also be incorporated.

It should be acknowledge, however, that it is almost certain that, in regard to some strategies in some areas, Councils will have to bend and accept changes where it can be shown that a greater good exists.


The work is being undertaken through the STCA with significant involvement from the twelve Councils, the Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority and various State agencies.

The first phase will be to develop an agreed regional strategy that will then form the foundation of new (or revised) planning schemes.

In late February 2009 the STCA has appointed two part-time Joint Project Managers to undertake the initiative.

Preliminary work has commenced on base data collection, the assessment and collation of existing strategies and scoping the challenges and opportunities that the region is presented with.

Consultation with key stakeholders will be an important part of this initial process.

It is anticipated that broader community input into the strategy development process will be called for in the first half of 2010.

Contact Officers:

Emma Riley
Joint Project Manager
Southern Tasmanian Regional Planning Project
Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority
p. (03) 6270 2242
m. 0409 787715
Email Emma

Damian Mackey
Joint Project Manager
Southern Tasmanian Regional Planning Project
Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority
P: (03) 6270 2242
M: 0419 562 785

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