The Panel

Jude Munro, AO

The Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority (STCA) is made up of 12 Councils across the region.

Stephen Hains

For some time, the STCA has been aware of calls for improvement in local government in Southern Tasmania, and earlier this year it appointed an independent panel of experts to find an alternative structure that would enable Councils to provide the same or better level of service for residents at less cost, and with greater benefits.

Saul Eslake

The independent panel comprises ]ude Munro AO, former CEO of Brisbane, Adelaide, Moreland and St Kilda City Councils; Saul Eslake, a Tasmanian-educated economist and also a non-Executive Director of Hydro Tasmania and former Chairman of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board; and Stephen Hains, former CEO of the City of Salisbury, SA.

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Tom Brown October 25, 2011 at 8:28 am

Watched the segment of Stateline 21/10/11 on council mergers Jude Munro stated that the review panel had seen a ‘groundswell’ of support for mergers. How is this so when the first few weeks saw strong support for mergers but the last few week has seen an obvious shift to an anti-merger stance. If anything I would call this a ‘groundswell’ of anti-merger support. Say NO to council mergers!


Geoff Dickinson November 27, 2011 at 6:49 pm

The use of the word independent as applied to the panel is questionable. All members are business/economists and save for Saul Eslake are former CEO’s of mega Councils. So the independence of attitude is limited to mainly economic concern. The social contract of democracy and access is not represented, the social community is not represented and there is no local voter representation.
Alas I believe a contaminated process. Manufactured agency as used in issues management with predetermined outcomes for the panel with their specialised interests to endorse.

Some merger structures may be applicable but as for a mega Greater Hobart – NO.


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