Invitation from the Independent Panel

Our brief was to look for options that would benefit both urban-dwellers and rural communities, while maximising the potential of the whole metropolitan area of Hobart as the region’s major city. For example:

  • Pooling resources in some areas, to offer the same or better services to ratepayers for less money.
  • Combining forces so that Councils are comparable in size with other influential Councils around Australia.
  • Pulling together to support tourism, forestry, agriculture, retail and other vital industries.

If Southern Tasmania Councils are to do things more efficiently, more effectively, and have a stronger voice in the national debate, change is needed.

Two factors have influenced our thinking. Firstly, Hobart and its surrounding areas must play a crucial role in this transition.

Secondly, in so far as possible, decision-making about local affairs should remain in the hands of local people.

After widespread consultation, we are presenting four alternatives.

These are big ideas and there is still work to be done on the finer detail.

We are open-minded about what will be recommended, and this is your opportunity to have a real say in the future of local government in Southern Tasmania.

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