Future Options: The Final Report

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Structural Project – Final Report

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Brendan Schmidt August 31, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Having lived on Bruny Island for 10 years I cannot come up with one logical reason to connect Bruny to Huonville. It is Hobart/Kingston centric and “making” it part of Huonville is illogical and a matter of convenience for those in power.
Has anyone asked Bruny Island residents?
Love to able to speak with someone who thinks this is logical.

“This exercise is Hobart centric and the rest of us will just have to wear it” appears to be the attitude I pick up talking to Councillors.
Amalgamations might have long term benefits, but please make the geographic associations from a professional geographic/service provision-utilisation basis.
I wouldn’t go to Huonville once a year!


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