Download the Final Report and all Appendices below: Structural Project – Final Report Appendix A Elected member survey Appendix B Community survey Appendix C Options paper Appendix D Public feedback Appendix E Councillor workshops Appendix F Council submissions Appendix G Asset management and maintenance Appendix H Strategic procurement Appendix I Participation and Place Appendix J […]

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Southern Tasmania is currently divided into I2 municipalities. Southern Tasmania has a total population of approximately 250,000. Approximately 82% of the population live in the metropolitan area of Greater Hobart. Greater Hobart comprises all or part of the Local Government areas of Hobart, Clarence, Glenorchy, Kingborough, Brighton and Sorell. The region as a whole represents […]


Status Quo with Shared Services The I2 Councils stay as they are and sign up to a joint body which takes over an agreed range of regional activities, such as planning, procurement, and looking after roads. It becomes the main point of contact for residents. The joint body would be a substantial organisation, sitting between […]

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A Single Southern Tasmanian Regional Council The 12 Councils are merged to create a Southern Tasmanian Regional Council (STRC). This Council would serve 260,000 people – 50% of the population of Tasmania – making it the seventh largest Council in Australia. The STRC would be a powerful force in Australian government, advocating for the region, […]


Greater Hobart A new Greater Hobart City Council is created from Hobart, Glenorchy, Brighton, most of Clarence, and the urban part of Kingborough. A new Council would comprise Richmond and its surrounds and the Sorell area. The Channel and Bruny Islands and Huon Valley would merge to form a new Council. The other Councils remain […]


Separate Eastern & Western Shores for Hobart & Regional Amalgamations The creation of new local government areas, reducing I2 Councils to, say, five – Eastern Shore, Western Shore, South Eastern Coast or Tasman, D’Entrecasteaux, Central Lakes. The Eastern Shore would comprise Clarence, Brighton and the urban part of Sorell. The Western Shore would comprise Hobart, […]