Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy has been released by the Minister for Climate Change.

The Strategy developed through the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Project has its genesis in the corporate climate change adaptation plans developed for each of the 12 southern councils through the program. Common risks and adaptation objectives across the 12 councils were elevated to form the Strategy, creating a structure and scaffold for ongoing adaptation action planning that is relevant and specific to councils and their communities.

Importantly with its foundation in science it provides the framework for collaboration and cooperation regionally or amongst groups of councils, enhancing economies of scale and creating opportunities to leverage resources in addressing the risks and opportunities presented by unavoidable climate change.

The Strategy seeks to provide an integrated, coordinated and consistent approach to climate change adaptation planning by the Southern Tasmanian councils. It also provides an effective and efficient way of addressing some of the capacity constraints faced by councils.

The Strategy’s approach of regional collaboration and cooperation seeks to enhance economies of scale between councils and create opportunity to share resources, ideas and skills and knowledge within the region. It also encourages the sharing of best practice, allows for learning from experience and has the potential to reduce costs and minimise inconsistency in approaches to regulatory activities.

The Strategy contains:

  • climate change principles;
  • regional objectives;
  • objectives for managing key climate change impacts; and
  • implementation pathway.

These were developed from the common themes and issues identified through the preparation of the CCCAP’s prepared for each of the 12 councils and from consideration of the policy, legislative and statutory frameworks emerging around climate change impacts. The Strategy also includes a pathway for ongoing implementation.

Climate change principles

The Strategy is framed by the following climate change principles:

  • Climate change is a global issue requiring local solutions.
  • Climate change action is a shared responsibility between local, state and commonwealth governments, communities and the private sector.
  • Local governments have an important role in leadership and educating communities at both the municipal and regional level on climate change and adaptation.
  • Councils must prepare for and manage the impacts of climate change on its assets and services.
  • Early climate change adaptation action is more cost effective than late action.
  • Collaboration and cooperation on climate change adaptation actions by local government provides more effective use of resources.

The principles reflect the key role of local government in responding to climate variables and hazards experienced at the local level and considerations to ensure resource effective, timely and appropriate responses are developed and implemented across the region.

Regional objectives

The Regional objectives give effect to the climate principles and provide a pathway for its implementation. These are high level and seek to provide for broad based governance considerations.

Objectives for managing key climate change impacts

The objectives for managing key climate change impacts are based on the key themes identified through workshops with councils on: sea level rise, heat, bushfire, extreme rainfall and flooding and other climate risks.

Implementation Pathway

The Strategy importantly provides the objectives and a framework for the implementation of regional and inter-council actions and ongoing climate change adaptation planning. It proposes a collaborative regional approach to the implementation of common adaptation actions, maximising efficiency and use of resources.

Following endorsement of the Strategy by the STCA Board, a regional working group will be convened to develop an action plan that progresses the objectives of the Strategy.

The Regional Climate Change Initiative (RCCI) is the existing structure that will provide the forum for development of an annual action plan and its implementation.

Climate Strategy
The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
Download the STCA Regional Climate Adpataion Strategy 2013

Download the RCCAP Strategy Press Release 31 May 2013

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