What is RCCAP doing?

RCCAP uses a regional, land use based and corporate based approach to assist Tasmanian councils adapt to climate change. This will be achieved by:

  1. Assisting councils to understand and adapt to climate change through a collaborative three-tiered approach that includes regional, land use and corporate adaptation planning.
  2. Integrating climate change data, scenarios and predictions (based on a range of recent and up to date information from the Climate Futures for Tasmania project and other relevant projects) into council decision making in areas such as:
  • Land use planning / building approval
  • Infrastructure and asset maintenance and provision
  • Community engagement and leadership
  • Community health
  • Social inclusion
  • Emergency response
  • Environmental response
  • Recreational asset/property management
  • Economic development and tourism
  • Legal and statutory liabilities

The provision of:

  • Adaptation tools, and the identification and development of toolkit, to support decision-making.
  • Training for regional coordinators to assist Tasmanian councils to implement and integrate systemic changes to council governance and decision-making processes to ensure consideration of climate change adaption issues.

The development of:

  • An overarching regional climate change adaption strategy for Tasmania’s southern region, with the development process and learning’s formalised for extension to Tasmania’s northern and north-west regions.
  • Climate change adaptation strategies for each of the land use types in the region (coastal, urban, peri-urban, rural and natural areas) to support the cooperation, collaboration and resource sharing of councils for community based climate change adaptation.
  • Individual corporate climate change adaption plans for each of the 12 participating councils in the southern region based on a vulnerability assessment and adaptive management principles.
  • Documentation to enable extension to other regions in Tasmania, and interstate and internationally.

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