RCCAP — Regional Councils Climate Adaptation Project


In December 2010 the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority’s in conjunction with the Tasmanian Climate Change Office and the Local Government Association of Tasmania received funding under the Australian Government’s ‘Local Government Reform Fund’ for project Future Proofing Tasmania’s Councils now known as the Regional Council Climate Adaptation Project (RCCAP).

The project is being delivered through the STCA from Feb 2011 – Feb 2012.

RCCAP is a pilot project that aims to improve the capability and resilience of Tasmanian councils to manage the risks of climate change. Key outputs of the project are:

  • Council (Corporate) Climate Adaptation Plans for the 12 southern councils
  • Community Based Landuse Plans for the themes of: coastal, urban, peri-urban, rural and natural areas
  • Regional Climate Adaptation Strategy
  • Climate Adaptation Toolkit for review of Councils Adaptation Plans and extension to Cradle Coast and Northern Councils

Project Objectives

The RCCAP’s objectives are to:

  • Improve the capacity for Tasmanian councils to assess the vulnerability of Tasmania’s municipal areas to climate change, and identify risks based on climate change science and modelling and geospatial data
  • Pilot in southern Tasmania, for implementation and delivery in other Tasmanian regions, a new methodology based on four themes of land use: urban, peri urban, rural and natural areas that cross municipal boundaries, facilitating resource and knowledge sharing. Importantly this approach enables councils to engage with and maximise the investment of scarce resources that are of particular relevance to their communities.
  • Implement a sustainable process that creates a supported, integrated and regional response to climate change by Tasmanian councils that is, consistent, cooperative, relevant and strategic
  • Effectively implement adaptation decision making tools, resources and strategies by land use type and at a regional, land use and corporate (council) level
  • Effectively integrate climate change adaptation planning into key local government systems and processes;
  • Enable regions in other States and Territories to achieve best practice in climate change adaptation.
  • Improve collaboration on climate change adaptation between all levels of government, industry and the community in Tasmania.

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