Completed Projects

Climate Change is a global issue requiring local solutions. The southern councils have taken a regional approach when addressing climate change through a range of projects designed to improve the capability and resilience of the community and Tasmanian councils. RCCI has been working with councils since 2010.

Completed Projects include


Regional Council Climate Adaptation Project (RCCAP).

RCCAP is a pilot project that aims to improve the capability and resilience of Tasmanian councils to manage the risks of climate change. Key outputs of the project are:

  • Council (Corporate) Climate Adaptation Plans for the 12 southern councils
  • Community Based Land use Plans for the themes of: coastal, urban, peri-urban, rural and natural areas
  • Regional Climate Adaptation Strategy
  • Climate Adaptation Toolkit for review of Councils Adaptation Plans and extension to Cradle Coast and Northern Councils

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Whatever the Weather, We’re Ready seeks to inform and engage local communities on the critical issue of climate change. It encourages people to begin to respond to and prepare for local changes in the climate and impacts.

Whatever the Weather has arisen from the Regional Climate Change Adaption Project (RCCAP) undertaken by the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority (STCA).

RCCAP developed council climate change adaption plans for each of the 12 southern councils along with a regional strategy picking up common risks and adaption objectives for southern Tasmania. It was through this that a need was identified to encourage communities to begin adapting to changes on our climate.

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The Home Energy Bulk Buy Program was the first of its kind in Tasmania. The not-for-profit organisation, Sustainable Living Tasmania were engaged to deliver the program which helped residents purchase quality energy products at cheaper than market cost.

The program pooled the purchasing power of residents in the Southern Tasmanian Council Authority (STCA) area to secure high-quality energy efficient and renewable energy products from reputable local installers at competitive prices and was delivered between October 2017 and March 2018.

The products included in the program were heat pump room heaters, ceiling and floor insulation, LED downlights, solar photovoltaic systems, battery systems, heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems.

Interest in the program was high with energy saving targets hit and greenhouse gas emissions and running costs comfortably exceeded. The solar and batteries category almost doubled its target with the overall bulk purchase receiving a positive satisfaction rating of 4.31 out of 5.

The project was largely successful with a total of 372 energy efficiency products installed in households representing a total annual savings of $195,852 to all involved, or around $600 per year.