Review of Local Government Structures
in Southern Tasmania

Call for submissions

Download the Public Submission Form.

The Southern Tasmania Councils Authority, with funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Local Government Reform Fund, is undertaking an independent review of the structure of Local Government in Southern Tasmania.

The aim of the project is to develop options that will:

  • Maximise the financial sustainability of the southern Tasmania local government sector to support continued provision of services to its communities over the long term by promoting more effective service delivery and increasing collaboration within the sector; and
  • Recommend viable, sustainable models for future local government reform in Southern Tasmania

An independent expert panel has been established to undertake the review and present options and recommendations to the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority.

The independent panel is:

  • Ms Jude Munro, AO
  • Mr Saul Eslake
  • Mr Stephen Hains

The independent expert panel would be pleased to receive submissions, on the proscribed form, from interested community groups, businesses and members of the community in respect to the future options for local government in Southern Tasmania.

The closing date for submissions is Friday July 22, 2011.

Download the Public Submission Form.