STCA Board adopts revised Strategic Plan


The STCA Board has developed a new Strategic Plan building on the work it has been undertaking over the last few years.

The members of STCA have indicated that there are a number of core areas that are priorities in respect to Regional development.

These areas fall broadly into seven strategic themes:

  • Improved Physical Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Economic Development
  • Improved Environmental Performance
  • Enhanced Social well-being
  • Improved Inter-regional Cooperation
  • Improved Local Government sustainability
  • Good Organisational Governance

Key additions to the Strategic Plan include such issues as:

  • The establish of a regional ‘Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative’ 
  • The establishment of a regionally agreed Infrastructure Investment Strategy.
  • The preparation of a comprehensive State of the Region Report.

and continued focus on issues such as:

  • Providing regional support to member Councils 
  • Pursuing opportunities for cooperation and resource sharing projects
  • Implementation of the Southern Weed Strategy
  • Developing more sustainable purchasing practices across the region

Download the STCA Strategic Plan 2009 to 2014 [PDF 640Kb]