STCA Infrastructure grants a winner for weed management


Late last year STCA, with funding support from NRM South and the Australian Government, awarded grants to 11 organisations and community groups.

These grants have been the catalyst for purchasing a variety of weed management equipment and  developing several area-specific weed management plans.

By increasing capacity for weed management in the southern natural resource management region of Tasmania, STCA has made considerable progress with implementing the Southern Tasmanian Weed Strategy (2005 2010), in addition to hosting the Project Manager Weeds.

Outcomes include:

  • 4 mobile washdown units
  • 3 portable spray units
  • equiping 2 community group trailers in Sorell and Clarence plus restocking weeding gear for Friends of Maria Island
  • developing Weed Management Plans for Hobart College (Mt Nelson Campus), Channel area of Kingborough Council, Egg Islands, Ridgeway Reserve
  • developing Tasman Council Roadside Weed Action Plans
  • weed mapping in Coningham Nature Recreation Area