Southern Tasmanian Councils will keep Federal Government to their road-funding promises

Chair of the Southern Tasmanian Councils Association (STCA), Ald Rob Valentine, said today the Southern Tasmanian Councils who led the ‘Fair Go For Our Roads’ campaign, will keep the Federal Government accountable on the delivery of all its $303 million in road funding commitments made to the region during the 2007 Federal Election campaign.

Ald Valentine said the STCA fully expects the Federal Government to implement the then Labor oppositions plan to improve southern Tasmanian roads, as announced during the election campaign.

The commitments listed in the correspondence received by the STCA at the time included;

  • $131 million towards the Brighton Bypass and upgrading the East Derwent Highway;
  • $56 million to build a Brighton transport hub;
  • $11 million towards the upgrade of the Bridgewater Bridge;
  • $5 million to start planning the Pontville-Bagdad Bypass and new Bridgewater Bridge;
  • Fully fund the Kingston Bypass with the Tasmanian Government;
  • $11 million to upgrade the Bridgewater Bridge;
  • and A commitment to extend the AusLink National Transport Network in Tasmania to include the Brooker Highway from Granton to Hobart, and the Tasman Highway from Hobart to the Hobart International Airport.

“The Kingston By-pass was put on the agenda, over and above the STCA’s Fair Go For Our Roads campaign by the then Howard Federal Government promising a fully Commonwealth funded Kingston By-pass,” Ald Valentine said.

“This was later matched by the then Labor opposition as a fully funded project in partnership with the state government.

“Our region has waited a long time for these urgent improvements to our transport infrastructure and Southern Tasmanian Councils will closely monitor the realization of the Kingston Bypass, along with the other projects under the funding arrangements and timeframes as outlined when the commitments were originally made.”

For further comment and interviews, please contact Ald Rob Valentine, on 0418 127 323