STCA: Fair go for our Roads — Survey Results


Part I

Question 1 – Should Federal Government funding be provided for improvements to the northern approaches of Hobart, including a bypass of Brighton, Pontville and Bagdad, and an upgraded Bridgewater Bridge?

Read on for the responses from all Federal Election candidates.

Liberal Party

Leigh Gray • Vanessa Goodwin • Geoff Page [House of Representatives]

Richard Cobeck • David Bushby • Don Morris [Senate

  • $156 million towards the Brighton Bypass
  • $148 million for a new Bridgewater Bridge

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Labor Party

Duncan Kerr • Julie Collins • Dick Adams [House of Representatives]

Carol Brown • Nick Sherry • Catryna Bilyk [Senate]

  • $131 million towards the Brighton Bypass
  • $11 million towards the urgent upgrade of the Bridgewater Bridge
  • $5 million to start planning the Ponville-Bagdad Bypass and a new Bridgewater Bridge
  • $56 million to build a Brighton Transport Infrastructure Hub.
  • Fully fund the Kingston Bypass with the Tasmanian Government

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Citizens Electoral Council

Ray Williams [House of Representatives]

Work for years as a Derwent Valley Councillor to get funds for both Bridgewater Bridge and Lyell Highway Granton to New Norfolk

Caroline Larner [Senate]

Infrastructure corridors of best standard are essential to the needs of a productive economy, which in turn improves the tax base to fund the infrastructure. A Government owned Bank is also required.


Ben Quin [House of Representatives] [Lyons]

The Federal Government should provide funding for a dual lane Brighton-Pontville-Bagdad bypass and upgraded Bridgewater bridge. I campaigned on this matter vigorously as the previous Liberal Candidate. Were I elected as the Independent Candidate, I would seek a firm commitment for funding this project as a precondition of my support for the Government.

Karley Nelson • Steve Martin [Senate]

None. Federal Funding for northern approaches supported. Unsure about bypass – compensation for businesses. Upgrade of Bridgewater Bridge supported.

Dino Ottavi [Senate]

Much more should be done to improve Tasmanian roads. As an Independent, I would keep the parties honest and force them to fund these projects.

Independents: Secular Party of Australia

Robyn Doyle • David Hammond [Senate]

We strongly support both your resolutions for a fairer distribution of federal funds for roading across Tasmania. The blatant pork barreling funding “model” which has occurred over the past 10 years is in our view corrupt. The Howard government is responsible for governing for all Australians, not just those who vote for them. We strongly endorse your moves to lobby for a fairer system for all. This is important for the economic development of the state as a whole, and for the 220,000 Tasmanian’s you represent.

Family First

Gino Papiccio [House of Representatives] Franklin

I agree with both the above proposals.

Jacquie Petrusma [Senate]

As a regular commuter to Launceston — at least weekly, I believe that this is an urgent priority for both safety and time reasons.

Andrew Bennett [Senate]

Long overdue


Helen Hutchinson [House of Representatives] Denison
Gerard Velnaar [House of Representatives] Franklin
Karen Cassidy [House of Representatives] Lyons

Andrew Wilkie [Senate]
Sophie Houghton [Senate]
Scott Jordan [Senate]

Yes, but, there needs to be a full public and technical inquiry as to the need for a bypass, in the context of climate change and rising oil prices. We need to transform our thinking about how best to provide a safe, environmentally sound, efficient and reliable transport system in and around Hobart.

We should be massively increasing our investment in public transport, bike infrastructure and walking paths, providing such excellent services that these are the preferred choice for many trips.

As well as saving money, reduced car travel means fewer accidents, cleaner air, less congestion and less stress.

What Women Want (Aust) Party

Deb. Cashion [Senate]

I live in a town on the Midlands Highway and have always been concerned with the state of the highway and the need for a safer route between north and south. Between Bagdad and Kempton there have been numerous fatalities due to the condition, poor lighting and speed limits in town areas. I campaigned, personally, in April of 2005 for “Safe Streets Bagdad” and was informed by council that the proposed by-pass was initially a state funded proposal but the state was seeking funding under the National Highway Scheme. This has been ten years in the making and a decision needs to be made now. If we are part of the National Highway scheme then we need to ensure that Federal funding is given to make the many needed changes. Apart from a by-pass in the area, we also need better road conditions, lighting, overpasses or underpasses (tunnels) for children going to school and better zoned play areas away from the Midlands Highway for our children to play safely.

Socialist Alliance

Susan Austin [House of Representatives] Denison

Matthew Holloway [House of Representatives] Franklin

The Socialist Alliance supports safe and efficient road networks wherever these are needed and it can be proven that no feasible alternative exists. However, our basic policy is directed towards rapidly reducing dependence on cars and truck as movers of freight and people (and hence the need for the relentless expansion of the road network being pushed by the major parties), because of their contribution to global warming and their overall negative impact on people’s health and the urban environment (for more detail see Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics studies and the Socialist Alliance policy from the 2007 NSW election).

We would therefore prioritise funds towards massively expanding the public transport infrastructure, and revamping rail so as to move as much freight as possible from roads to rail. We would make public transport free to encourage people to use public transport instead of having to rely on cars. Any new roads that could be proven to be necessary would need to include cycleways. Moreover, we would support measures to ensure that the corporations who use roads for freight contribute their fair share towards the maintenance of those roads.