STCA: Fair go for our Roads — Survey Results

Part II

Question 2 – Do you support the AusLink National Network in Tasmania being extended to include the Brooker Highway to the Port of Hobart, and the Tasman Highway to the Hobart International Airport?

Read on for the responses from all Federal Election candidates.

Liberal Party

Leigh Gray • Vanessa Goodwin • Geoff Page [House of Representatives]

Richard Cobeck • David Bushby • Don Morris [Senate

  • $30 million for the Kingston Bypass (fully funded)
  • $500,000 for the Lyell Highway/Granton Intersection (fully funded)
  • $1 million for Huon Highway Overtaking Lanes

Download more information here [2Mb PDF]

Labor Party

Duncan Kerr • Julie Collins • Dick Adams [House of Representatives]

Carol Brown • Nick Sherry • Catryna Bilyk [Senate]

A Rudd Labor Government will extend the AusLink national network in Tasmania to include the Brooker Highway from Granton to the Port of Hobart, and the Tasman Highway from Hobart to Hobart Airport.

Get more information here.

Citizens Electoral Council

Ray Williams [House of Representatives]

Well overdue and I will work on this if elected.

Caroline Larner [Senate]

Our railways must also be returned to viability – including access to the Port of Hobart. The integrity of systems requires unbroken links.


Ben Quin [House of Representatives] [Lyons]

Both road corridors should be included in the AusLink National network. However, I would give higher priority to winning funding for the bypass and bridge. I believe that we must keep open the option of a viable sea port and cargo terminal in Hobart.

Karley Nelson • Steve Martin [Senate]


Dino Ottavi [Senate]

Again, I would use my independence to ensure that these projects are undertaken

Independents: Secular Party of Australia

Robyn Doyle • David Hammond [Senate]


Family First

Gino Papiccio [House of Representatives] Franklin


Jacquie Petrusma [Senate]


Andrew Bennett [Senate]



Helen Hutchinson [House of Representatives] Denison
Gerard Velnaar [House of Representatives] Franklin
Karen Cassidy [House of Representatives] Lyons

Andrew Wilkie [Senate]
Sophie Houghton [Senate]
Scott Jordan [Senate]

Yes, but Auslink should be upgraded so that it can fund urban public transport on these and other routes as alternatives to increasing car traffic.

What Women Want (Aust) Party

Deb. Cashion [Senate]

I support the extension of the zones due to the heavy traffic in these areas. I travel the Brooker Highway every morning and have been known to take 15 minutes to get from Rosetta High to he Derwent Entertainment Centre. The inclusion of overpasses has assisted somewhat but the fact of the matter is that these roads are major arterial roads for Hobart and are a necessity for people travelling daily to Hobart. Any additional funding to widen and improve the roads gets my vote!

Socialist Alliance

Susan Austin [House of Representatives] Denison

Matthew Holloway [House of Representatives] Franklin