Bi-Partisan Commitment to Roads Needed

fairg.gifThe Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority will increase pressure on all major parties to provide major road funding for Southern Tasmania.

The 12 newly-elected Mayors of Southern Tasmania have welcomed Labor’s commitment to fund the priority road projects in the region, in partnership with State and Local Government, and have today called on the Coalition to match the commitment.

STCA chair Ald. Rob Valentine said that “Southern Tasmanians are sick of their roads being ignored,”

“For years the needs of Southern Tasmania have been ignored in favor of more marginal electorates in other parts of the country.

“That’s why the Southern Tasmanian Mayors have been campaigning over the last six months for both major parties to commit to the priority road projects in our region and we welcome Labor’s commitment yesterday to fund urgent improvements to Hobart’s northern approaches, and to extend the AusLink network in Tasmania to include the Brooker and Tasman Highways.

Ald Valentine said that over the past fortnight, the STCA has polled all local candidates from all parties about their commitment to funding for Southern Roads.

“We will be taking out full page advertisements in The Mercury and publishing the poll results in the lead-up to the November 24 Federal election so that voters are fully informed,” Ald Valentine said.

“The residents of our Councils deserve to know where all their candidates stand on this important issue for our region.

“Our advertisements will ensure all Southern Tasmanians know exactly which of our local candidates in this federal election are genuinely committed to improving the road and rail infrastructure in our region.

“This is not about political gain for the Mayors and Councils of Southern Tasmania — we’ve all been re-elected this week.

“We are doing this because it is the right thing to do and is economically crucially to the State of Tasmania.

“The main artery to Hobart — the Country’s southernmost Capital City — relies on efficient transport for export markets.

“This should be a matter of the highest priority for both levels of Governments — whichever party is elected Federally and the State Government.

“And we will continue our Roads campaign until we have a bi-partisan commitment to fund these critical road projects”