Young people in transition: Call to action

The Southern Area Taskforce, sponsored by the Southern Tasmania Councils Authority, is a group representing young people, business, community organizations, local and state government which has been established under the State Government’s Guaranteeing Futures initiative to assist in improving the transition of young people from school to work, training or further education.

As part of its response, the Taskforce is seeking proposals for short-term local initiatives which, if successful, may become more broadly available for young people in the south of the State.

Particular initiatives are being sought in:

  1. Co-ordination and management of part-time/temporary student accommodation for young people at College or school currently facing major travel challenges to stay in education;
  2. Development of models for local ‘education champions’ to work at a local level with parents to promote and foster the value of education to parents and students;
  3. Local initiatives which can build resilience for young people with complex challenges which impact on their education;
  4. Local ‘celebrations of education’ which use innovative means to encourage educatioinal futures for young people by engaging the community, young people and their parents;
  5. Other innovative proposals that address real barriers to access to education and training.

We want the proposals to demonstrate a strong partnership or collaboration between local community members/groups and their schools and colleges, to be innovative, and potentially transferable if successful.

We anticipate allocations of up to $5000 per project, but would consider a higher budget for more complex projects if it can be justified.

Project proposals will need to outline the project, what makes it innovative, who are the project partners, how it will be co-ordinated, and how it will be reported back to the Task Force.

The closing date for proposals is Friday September 14

Further information and Application Forms can be obtained by contacting
Gerry White,
Mobile: 0438 059 237
Email Gerry
Area Taskforce Tasmania