Wanted: Local innovative projects to support young people

Innovative projects to help address particular challenges for young people in maintaining their education are being sought in southern Tasmania.

The Southern Area Task Force, set up under the auspices of the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority as part of the State’s Guaranteeing Futures agenda, believes local community and education partnerships hold a key for ideas to help young people to stay in education, and in making successful transitions from education to work or training or further education.

The chair of the STCA, Ald Rob Valentine, said the Task Force comprised young people, local community members, local and State Government representatives and business.

Part of its agenda, developed in consultation with a widely represented Reference Group, was to identify potential ways to address the challenges some young people had in staying in education .

“The Task Force is seeking ideas for innovative projects in the areas of part-time and temporary accommodation; fostering of local education champions to work with parents; building resilience and celebrating education for parents and students” Ald Valentine said.

“The Task Force wants projects to demonstrate how local communities and their educators can work together to find possible answers to some of the challenges our young people face”

Ald Valentine said the Task Force was also working in other areas which posed problems for young people and their families, particularly those in rural or isolated communities, or who faced complex challenges which impacted on their education.

“These include transport, especially in fare inequities, driver education and organised car sharing, in long term accommodation and in provision of up-to-date information on incentives (and disincentives) for young people in their transition years.

“We need integrated action in all these areas if we are to address the low retention rates in education and training in Tasmania, Ald Valentine said.”

For more information contact Task Force Chair Kim Boyer on 0418 124 110