Improving Natural Resource Management Decision Making

One of the outcomes of the first stage of the “Improving NRM decision making” project funded by NRM South through their Australian Government funding was to develop a document that identified the range of “Drivers” for Natural Resource Management in the Region.

This document may be of interest to those people who are engaged in Planning, GIS provision, Environmental protection, NRM and other similar activities.

Local government day-to-day operations, such as land use planning, waste management, and public land management are integrally related to natural resource management.

Many policies and processes dealing with natural resource management matters are already in place.

Local government mechanisms available to effectively provide for natural resource management include council strategic plans, council bylaws, development and implementation of planning schemes, administration of relevant environmental legislation, and adoption of local plans, policies and management plans for natural resources, public land, and infrastructure service and assets.

Tasmanian and Commonwealth legislation, policies and guidelines, community based NRM activities, and regional NRM initiatives also drive NRM outcomes at a local level.

The report seeks to provide a focus on drivers of NRM related decisions within local government within our Region.

This includes identification of national, State and regional, as well as at the local community drivers that can influence NRM decisions at the local level.

This includes:

  • Planning Schemes
  • State Policies
  • Council By-laws
  • State Legislation
  • Commonwealth Legislation

Download the Natural Resource Management document outlining the “drivers”. [PDF 382Kb]