“Feds deny Hobart road funding”

In the Letters to the Editor column of today’s Mercury:

I refer to G Pelham’s letter (Mercury April 3) highlighting the degraded condition of the Brooker Highway. This issue underlies a real injustice being perpetrated on the people of Southern Tasmania.

In other States the main highway into the City is part of the National Highway Network. In Tasmania the National Highway Network stops at Granton, well before the city.

In all other States the National Highway Network leads to the main airport. In Tasmania the National Highway stops at Granton.

Why does this matter? It matters because the Commonwealth Government does not believe that they should help fund the main highway into the Capital City of Hobart. This is a disgrace and our federal representatives should ask themselves how they have let this happen.

Nick Cracknel
Deputy Chair
Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority